Children's  Ark

works with respect towards

religious, political and ethnical differences.

We see that children through education can find better solutions for their future and even for the problems in society in which they live.

20 years of giving

Volunteers, co-workers and friends

 Sofia Kratz, chairperson and Maria Kratz Larsen, responsible for the Roma project .

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Children's Ark About us
 Children’s Ark brings hope for the future in the lives of children living in segregated Roma settlements
Children’s Ark is working in some of the most deprived Roma settlement in Greece in southern Europe. Just outside of the historical village of Ancient Corinth.

Children’s Ark is daily helping more than 500 children, that live and grow up under miserable circumstances. Electrical and water supply is poor and the sewage disposal almost non existing. Every day life is burdened with crime and substance abuse. Children’s Ark is mainly supporting the children’s education and in this way giving them a chance for a better tomorrow.
Children’s Ark was founded already in 1994 by the Swedish couple Anita and Leif Kratz. The foundation is working without any political or religious agenda and has been helping children in 

Tanzania and South Africa, children living on the streets of Moldova and Rumania and supporting peace projects in Israel. Since 2009 Children’s Ark is helping the children of the Roma minority in Greece.

It is a longterm project in a difficult environment. Our main objective is to get all the children to go to school and to complete their basic education.
The daily work starts early every morning when Children's Ark staff accompanies the youngest to the puplic preschool and elementary school. We make sure they have their schoolbags and books and give them a little sandwich to eat at lunch.

In the middle of the Roma settlement we have estabished a dagcentre with classrooms for homework reading, Kitchen and health care facilities.

Children's Ark was founded by the Swedish couple Anita and Leif Kratz. The family lived in Greece since the mid 70es. During the Balkan wars of the 1990es the family got involved in humanitarian works in neighbouring war strucken (EX) Yougoslavia and poor areas of eastern Europe. A vision was born in their hearts. To build something more permanent to 

support children in need. Land was purchased and a modern home was build in the historical village of Ancient Corinth in Greece to support and  mentor children in need. Since then Children's Ark has had Greece and Corinth as a second base, from where we conduct much of our international work and for the past years also the Roma project.

Children's Ark was founded and has its main office in Sigtuna close to Stockholm in Sweden. Almost all funding until this day, comes from private sponsors and small companies in Sweden and we also recieve some support from friends from around the world.

Children's Ark stands under the suppervision of governmental and private institutions in Sweden.

Why in Greece and why in Sweden