To recieve

We have experienced that involving the people receiving the help, in the action to be more efficient.  One way is to let the ones who are in need of food take part in cooking ready meals and even serving their fellow citizens.
Many find it embarissing to recieve  help, though they might need it. In this way some can help out as volunteers and at the same time receive help themselves in a more discreet way.
Statistics from a ROMA settlement in Examilia, where Children?s Ark is active:

- 150 Households.
- About 850 Persons.
- Widespread illiteracy.
- More than 60 % are minors.
- Almost no toilets.
- Most households without water.
- Many children the basic vaccinations.
- Hepatitis A and B, common.
- 50% of children still not attending public school.
- Physical and mental abuse towards women and children, common.
- Children giving birth to children.
- High crime rate.
- Substance abuse, everywhere.
- No one has steady employment.
- Many without food for the day.
- Child death, common.
- Child labor, common.
- Illegal firearms, everywhere.
Source: Children?s Art

Is it necessary?

Children's Ark Humanitarina Aid

Children's Ark bringing aid into Albania

Emergency Aid 

must be distributed with intelligence and care.

It can save lives.

Humanitarian aid can open doors. 

This gives us the oppertunity to develope more sustainable solutions.

Children's Ark is humanitarian organization without any religious or political agenda. We work since 1994 to help children in need. Our main office is in Sweden and our accounts are supervised by governmental and non-governmental institutions in Sweden. Children's Ark Roma project is today our main activity. 

Humanitarian Aid must always be at hand. It often has to be distributed almost secretly and not to gain public opinion. It can undermine the effort of organizations, working to make a long term difference.

Children’s Ark of course has a Food and clothes bank from where we carefully collect and distribute good second hand clothes, dry food, milk and food-oil to needy families in the whole area.
Generally, amongst the Roma in Greece, the main problem is not poverty to the point where Humanitarian Aid is necessary… There constantly are isolated cases where an immediate lack of food, clothes and/or housing has to be dealt with. 
Humanitarian Aid has to be distributed intelligently. It makes a difference for the day and can be lifesaving, but it rarely solves the problem. 

Children's Ark bringing aid into Albania