Children's Ark Education

"Education is a lasting solution to many of the problems the children of our world are facing"

 Roma settlements in Greece

The circumstances are miserable. Every day is colored with violence and crime. In this settlement in Examilia we have established a day centre. Daily we run activities like feeding, homework reading, health care, and sports.

At the school start we often have to fetch the children from their homes.

We make sure they have shoes on their feet, a schoolbag with books and pens and a little snack for the break.

Children's Ark works with 20 years of experience.
Amongst the Roma minority in Greece we see the positive effect on whole families, when the children start school. It takes time and work to convince many, very young parents of the important role of education.
Our project is a circle of activities  all aiming to enroll more children into the public school system.
Maria Kratz
Project manager

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The preeschool year is important. Many young Roma children speak little Greek. It saves the children the so called “introduction class”. Many Roma children spend several years in this introduction class, setting them behind to the point of no return.
Many families, in the beginning, need convincing to sent their youngest to school. On the other hand we have seen how that ONE child changes the structure of complete house holds.


Illiteracy within the Roma community is a major problem for the children who are attending public school. A big chunk of learning in the Greek school system is burdened on home 
studies. The stuff that the children study at home is often at a level where they need adult help in order to compete.
We have set up several classrooms and employed staff that daily help the children with their home 
studies. The results have been clearly positive: 200 % more children from this settlement have enrolled and are attending primary school (1st -6th year). Fewer children have dropped out of school.