Children's Ark - International

Children’s Ark is right now engaged

 in a complex program. Daily we support hundreds of children that grow up in very destructive environments in isolated Roma settlements in Greece.

The program is based on practical activities that start early in the morning, when we accompany the children to the local schools. We make sure that they are properly dressed and have shoes on their feet. We check that their schoolbags are clean and supply them with a little sandwich for the morning break.
After school we gather in Children’s Ark daycare centre in the Roma settlement.
A nourishing lunch is served after which, we run several homework classes all afternoon. Until evening we tend to the children with leisure and sports activities. Children’s Ark is also running a steady health and vaccination program from our clinic in the settlement. Through continuity in our work, we can break the harmful cycle that is destroying many Roma families in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Sofia Kratz

Chairperson, Children's Ark International

The right to live

All children to attend public school regularly.


every day to hundreds of CHILDREN in need

Your support is greatly appreciated.
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Children's Ark We save lives

We challenge the problems that exist amonst Roma families living in an almost isolated settlement just outside the historical village of Ancient Corinth, in Greece. 

Children's Ark was founded by the Swedish couple Anita and Leif Kratz.
The family lived in Greece since the mid 70es.
During the Balkan wars of the 1990es the family got involved in humanitarian works in war struck countries and poor areas of eastern Europe.

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