Deadly deceases like Hepatitis B are common. In the beginning when we arranged vaccination days together with the Hellenic Red Cross, many of the Roma where skeptical to our intentions. Since then they have understood that the work we are doing have saved the lives of children.

Statistics from a ROMA settlement in Examilia, where Children?s Ark is active:
- 150 Households.
- About 850 Persons.
- Widespread illiteracy.
- More than 60 % are minors.
- Almost no toilets.
- Most households without water.
- Many children the basic vaccinations.
- Hepatitis A and B, common.
- 50% of children still not attending public school.
- Physical and mental abuse towards women and children, common.
- Children giving birth to children.
- High crime rate.
- Substance abuse, everywhere.
- No one has steady employment.
- Many without food for the day.
- Child death, common.
- Child labor, common.
- I llegal firearms, everywhere.
Source: Children?s Art

Health care unit


In connection with our day centre in the Roma settlement we also have a health care unit. Today we rarely arrange mass vaccination days, but have pediatricians and nurses continually examining and vaccinating the children in our own little clinic in the middle of the settlement.

Children with special needs get special support. In cooperation with professionals and different local institutions we can finally assist some of these Roma children with valuable treatments. This affects the whole society's understanding of everybody's right to live with dignity.

Children's Ark Health Care

In the middle of the Roma settlement in Examilia in Greece, at our daycentre, we monitor and support families with health care issues.

Togehter with the "Hellenic Red Cross" and lokal pediatricians and nurses we administer thousands of lifesaving vacciantions to children living in segregated Roma settlements.

Tabita, nurse from Denmark volontering

Treating a small wound at the heath care unit.

Working with a child with special needs.

Children's Ark is humanitarian organization without any religious or political agenda. We work since 1994 to help children in need. Our main office is in Sweden and our accounts are supervised by governmental and non-governmental institutions in Sweden. Children's Ark Roma project is today our main activity. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact our project manager Maria Kratz: