Catering to children from marginalized neighborhoods, our goal is to help boys and girls build confidence and expand on their abilities.


Daily bread

En promenad genom ett Roma samhälle i Grekland där vi jobbar
Swedish text  Barnens Ark hälso vård (1.43 min)
Greek with englich subtittle  Presentation of our project (6.23min)
A longer presentation for you if you have the time 
About life for the Roma minority in Greece, and the football team

Εμβολιασμός Ρομά (4.31 min) 2014..

Mercer on Mission (5.29 min) 2013..

How it all started (5.08 min) 2010..

Roma Project, Greece (5.29 min) 2010..

Εμβολιασμοί στα Εξαμίλια (3.36 min) 2010..

A.O. Roma (0.51 min) 2011..

What do you want to become? (2.03 min) 2009..

Children's Ark International (4.07 min) 2007?..

Barnens Ark? i Romaläger i Grekand (16.52 min) 2014..

A.O. Roma 2014