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Maria Kratz.
Roma project manager

We believe that enlightment is the most sustainable solution to many of the misseries the children of our world are facing.

Children's Ark Projects and activities

We challenge the problems that exist amongst some 150 Roma families living in an almost isolated settlement just outside the historical village of Ancient Corinth, in Greece.

We are mainly working witht the young generation to reach the first and most important objective:

It is a

cirkle of


Education and school

Health Care

Humanitarian Aid

Non formal education and sports

It is generally known in Greece that the Examilia settlement (where Children's Ark is working) is an exceptionally difficult area to work in.
Through our actions in the heart of this camp for the past few years, Children's Ark has ob-tained unique "know how" that is necessary in order to succeed.
The rift between the Roma minority and society in general is growing bigger, as the economical situation is getting more difficult, not only in Greece, but in many South and East
European countries

Supporting young women